Log into the Space Partner Portal and click the Locations tab. Select the location whose inventory you want to change and click Edit.

From the Inventory tab, you can edit the inventory that's available on the Upflex platform.

Add Desk

To add a desk, click Add Desk.

Choose the seating type, then give the desk a name (ex: "Hot Desk" or "Upstairs Lounge Desk"). Add the number of desks you have of that type.

The Hourly Rate and  is a set rate based on your location, but you can set your own Weekly and Monthly Rates. If you have minimum booking terms (ex: 1 month) or a deposit (ex: $50) you can add that too.

When you're finished, click Save.

Add Meeting Room or Private Office

To add a meeting room or private office, click Add Meeting Room or Add Private Office.

Name meeting room or private office, then fill in the rest of the information so Upflex users know what the room is like when they request the space.

Then, set the rates of the room. You can add different rates for Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly bookings.

Next, add photos and amenities. You can add amenities that are complimentary, as well as amenities you will charge for. These are crucial for people in their decision-making process.

Lastly, add the cancellation policy to ensure anyone who cancels understands any fees involved.

Edit Inventory

To edit the details of a desk, meeting room, or private office, click the pencil icon next to the inventory item.

This will open up the details page for the desk, meeting room or private office and let you edit it.

Making Inventory Unavailable

If you need to make a desk, meeting room or private office unavailable temporarily (ex: someone is renting it for a month), you can change the status at any time.

Click on the Status dropdown and select Unavailable.

You can make the desk, meeting room or private office available again at any time.

Deleting Inventory

If you need to permanently remove a desk, meeting room or private office (ex: a meeting room was torn down for more desk space), click the X button next to that inventory item.

You will see a pop-up window prompting you to confirm you want to permanently delete the space.

Click YES to delete the inventory item permanently. 

Saving your changes

Click Save & Continue when you are finished to save the changes.

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