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For Admins: How Do I Create a New Team?
For Admins: How Do I Create a New Team?

Adding teams

Updated over a week ago

Business Admins can create new teams in the Business Portal by navigating to the People tab then Add Team. If you don't see the Add New Team button, you don't have permission to add a new team.

Go to People and then click 'Add Team'

Enter the team name here, the Team Admin's name and email, and select Payment option. 

Payment Options
There are two payment options: Corporate Account and Team Purchases Plan.

  • Corporate Account means that the team will be funded by a joint company account where all employees, no matter their team can draw from cumulative funds when making bookings.

  • Team Purchases Plan means that the team will be funded by a its own cost center where select employees who are members of this team can draw from these funds when making bookings.

When you're finished entering all information, click Add. The Team Admin will be invited to use Upflex if they do not already have an account. You can now proceed to move existing users into your new team, or invite users to be part of this team in the future.


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