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How do I find a space on the web?
How do I find a space on the web?

Searching for workspaces & offices

Updated over a week ago

It's easy to search for spaces on the Business Portal.

From the Book Spaces page, you'll see the Search box.

Image of Book Spaces page

Enter the location you want to search, or allow your browser to determine your location to find spaces around you. You can search by city, county, ZIP/postal code, or for a particular workspace.

Then select when you want to work, what kind of workspace (desk, private office, or meeting room), and how many people. When you're ready, click Search Spaces.

From there, you'll see the spaces that best fit your search requirements.

On this search page, you can refine your search by changing the requirements, including filtering by amenities such as Safe Spaces™ or Pet Friendly.

Click on the space to see more details and make a reservation.

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