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How to Filter for Workspaces

Search for workspaces by location, day and time, number of attendees or amenities.

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Once you're logged into Upflex Business Portal, you can begin your search for the ideal workspace.

1. Start by finding a location

Please input your desired location for your search, or grant your browser permission to detect your current location for finding nearby spaces. You have the option to search by city, county, ZIP/postal code, or for a particular workspace.

You can search for a specific location either on your homepage or by using the window that appears on the right side of your screen.
This is how it looks like:

2. Define when you want to work

Select the date and time that you want to work.

3. Choose the workspace you wish to reserve

Select the category of workspace in which you would like to work.

4. Select the number of attendees

If you're searching for a Meeting Room or a Private Office, please indicate the number of attendees who will assist to your booking.

5. Amenities

If you have a specific requirement, be sure to choose it from the list of available amenities.

6. Search for your perfect workspace

Once you've specified the location, date, time, desired workspace, number of attendees, and selected amenities, the platform will present you with spaces that align with your search criteria. You can explore these spaces either through the map view or the dashboard.
On this search page, you can refine your search by changing the requirements.

Click on the space to see more details and make a reservation!


Need more info? You can visit Upflex Help Center or reach out to us. Our awesome Customer Experience Team is here to help!
Contact us via live chat on Intercom or send us an email at [email protected].
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