How do I assign Hubs?

How do I choose which employees can access which Hub?

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To assign a Hub to one or more employees, go to the Business Portal, then navigate to the People menu. Use the tabs to find the employee in the People tab or Invite Sent tab.

When you find the user(s), click the checkbox in front of their name and you will see the option appear to assign them to a Hub.

(Please note: If you are selecting more than one person, you will have to assign them all to the same Hubs. If they need to be assigned to different Hubs, you will need to complete this step individually for each employee.)

Once you click Assign Hub, you will be taken to the Edit Hubs page. Click the Hubs you want to assign or unassign, and you will see the options appear above them.

There are two options to assign a Hub:

  • Dedicated Hub - assign Dedicated Hubs to employees who will be using the Hub on most days. They’ll have a dedicated desk in the Hub and will not need to make a reservation.

  • Floating Hub - assign Floating Hubs to employees who will only use the Hub occasionally. They will have to reserve a seat at the Hub ahead of time, on a first come first serve basis with all other Floating Hub employees.

Choose which type of Hub Assignment you want to give these employees, then click Assign to confirm.

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