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How Do I Edit Multiple Users at a Time?
How Do I Edit Multiple Users at a Time?

How to bulk-edit workspace permissions for multiple employees at once.

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Upflex revolutionizes the management of flexible workspace bookings by offering account admins the capability to monitor real-time usage and expenditure. This feature empowers admins to optimize budget allocation while ensuring employees can leverage the Upflex network effectively.

Upflex allows admins to customize the types of bookings available to individual employees, including meeting rooms, hot desks, and private offices. This granular control ensures that bookings align with budgetary objectives, preventing overspending and promoting fiscal responsibility.

Here is how you can bulk-edit users for the following actions from the People menu:

  • Edit desk permissions

  • Edit meeting room permissions

  • Edit private office permissions

  • Send invitations or re-send invitations to inactive users

To edit multiple users at once, open the Business Portal and go to People. You will see all the active users, and can filter using the search bar on the upper right if you need or tick the box beside "Full Name" and all users will be selected.

Choose the People tab, then select which users you would like to edit. You will see new options appear in the top bar.

From here you can edit user permissions for desks, meeting rooms, and private offices. For example, if you click Edit Desk, a pop up will appear to let you change the desk permission and usage limits.

When you’re finished, click Save.

Tip: The cost of bookings fluctuates based on geographic locations, with larger cities generally experiencing higher costs. This means that average booking expenses are likely to rise in such urban areas.


Need more info? You can visit the Upflex Help Center or reach out to us via live chat on the web or through our mobile app. We're excited to assist you!

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