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How do I know which is my rol?

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There are three different roles that can help control access and functionality within the Upflex platform. Learn which permissions are enabled:

  1. USERS:

    The User Role allows individuals within a company who have been invited by the Company Admin to utilize Upflex. They can access the platform and explore available spaces, amenities, pricing, and then make reservations based on their requirements. They can also see their booking history. This role allows organizations to provide their employees with the flexibility to find and book workspaces through Upflex.


    The Manager Role has the same permissions as the Users + they are also able to make bookings on behalf of others, either their colleagues or a guest.


    The Primary Contact Role has full control and access to their corporate Upflex account, allowing for management of their organization within the Upflex platform.

    This role has the authority to:

  • Invite, add/remove users and update their permissions.

  • Make bookings on behalf of others,

  • View reports and monitor workspace usage.

Read the article : Viewing your individual Upflex account limit to understand more about your access.


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