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For Admins: How Can I Edit a User Role?
For Admins: How Can I Edit a User Role?

How can I edit a User Role?

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As a Company Admin / Primary Contact role, you have the authority to edit user roles and permissions. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step One: Locate the individual's account.

Find the user account of the individual you want to assign a role to. You can search for their name or email address in the People’s tab.

Step Two: Edit user details.

Select the user account and in 'Details', you’ll be able to add/edit their role.

Step Three: Select the desired role.

Choose the specific role you want to assign to the individual from the available options.

Step Four: Save the changes.

Once you have selected the appropriate role, save the changes to the user account. This will update their role within the Upflex platform.


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