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Integrating Slack with Upflex
Integrating Slack with Upflex

Here you will find the information needed to integrate Upflex with your company Slack account.

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Please note that an integration must first be authorized by your Company's Slack Admin before it is available to general users within your organization.

For Admin Authorization: Go to and click “Allow” to install the Upflex Slack App at the organization level.

Slack add Upflex to workspace

Adding Upflex to Slack Apps for Users:

Step One: Once Slack admin has approved access, users will be able to install the app by clicking the “Apps” drop down on your left hand Slack menu. Click “Add apps”:

Step Two: Search for the “Upflex” app in the Slack Apps search bar and select Upflex to install:

Step Three: Upon installation, a message will appear in Slack from the Upflex bot, prompting you to connect your existing Upflex account via the business portal:

Step Four: Once you have authenticated your account connection, you are ready to start booking spaces using the /upflex command!

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