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Making a Booking with Microsoft Teams
Making a Booking with Microsoft Teams

Here you will learn how to make an Upflex booking directly within the Microsoft Teams mobile, desktop app and web version.

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Step One: After you have installed the Upflex app and connected your account with Microsoft Teams, click into the Upflex app on your Teams sidebar from the mobile app, desktop app or web version. You will be taken to you Upflex dashboard where you can begin searching for workspaces:

Step Two: Once you have found a workspace and reviewed the profile to ensure it fits your requirements, click "Book" to finalize your date and time, as well as to review the cancelation policy:

Step Three: Once you have reviewed and are ready to submit your booking, click "Book Desk" to complete your booking:

Step Four: You're all set! You will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to arrive and access your workspace:

Please note: The same process applies to meeting rooms and private offices, with the exception that they are by request. Select "Request Space" in order to submit your booking request. Once the booking is confirmed by the space partner it will appear in your upcoming bookings located on your account dashboard.

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