Adding Users to Upflex

How do I add employees to my teams?

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Primary Contacts and Team Admins can invite employees to use Upflex through the 'People' tab in the Business Portal. You are able to add individuals to your corporate account or add them to a specified team.

You are able to have one team specified where all employee can be added or you can divide employees into multiple customized teams (i.e based on geography, department, internal labels).

Step 1: Go to the 'People' icon on the left of your screen and click 'Add People':

Step 2: Add One Person: When the popup window appears, add the user's details.

Inventory Permission
Here you can determine which types of inventory (desks, meeting rooms, and offices) your people are permitted to book.

For desks, you can allocate a number of passes for each user, i.e. 2 per week, 10 per month etc.

For meeting rooms and private offices, you are able to set usage limits for how much money a user can spend on meeting rooms and private offices, on a weekly or monthly basis.

Adding Multiple Users:

You are also able to add Multiple Users, or Bulk Upload Users via a templated spreadsheet. For a step-by-step guide on how to add multiple user read this article: How do I Add Multiple People.

Option 1: Add Multiple People

Option 2: Import People

When finished, save or add your users. You Invitees will receive an invitation via email, and you can review their activation status in the People tab.


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