How do I edit the pictures on my workspace profile?

How do I add or update images of my space?

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It's important to keep the pictures connected to your workspace profile up-to-date. They are an amazing and important tool to give our users a visual impression of your space.

Follow these steps to add, remove or update the order of the space images:

  1. Log into the Space Partner Portal and click the Locations tab. Select the location whose pictures you want to change and double-click on it.

  2. From the Photos tab, you can edit the images shown on the Upflex App. Click "Add Image" to add a new image, or the "X" button to remove images. Please note that published locations need to have at minimum one photo uploaded. If there is only one image connected to your listing, you can not remove the image until you upload a second image.

  3. Your first image is labeled the Header Image. This is the first photo and with that impression users will get from your space, so make sure it's your best one. If you want any of the other photos to be the header image you can simply tick the "header image" box under the photo.

  4. When you wish to change the order of the pictures and selecting a new header image doesn't suffice, you will have to remove and re-upload the images in your new preferred order.

  5. Click Save & Continue when you are finished to save the changes.

Running into any issues? Please reach out to [email protected] for assistance from our space team.

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