How do I edit my staff?

How do I add/remove community managers, receptionists, or other staff?

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Log into the Space Partner Portal and click the Staff tab. 

You can toggle through the tabs to see Active, Pending, On Hold, and Deleted staff members.

Active: These staff members are active in the system and can access the Space Partner Portal, as well as take any actions permitted by their role.
Pending: These staff members have not yet accepted their invitation to Upflex.
On Hold: These staff members' accounts are "on hold," and they cannot access the Space Partner Portal. They can be made active again at any time.
Deleted: These staff members have been removed from the system.

Add Staff

Click the Add Staff button at the top of the page. You will see a pop-up window where you can enter the staff member's information.

Enter the staff member's information. Community Manager is the most common role and they will receive email notifications for new bookings.

You can also specify a Location for each person, or let them manage All locations.

Click Add to complete the setup. They will receive an invitation in their email to create their Upflex password. Until they accept the email, they will not appear in Active. You can see the staff member under Pending.

Resend Invitation

Once you add a staff member, you can see them under the Pending tab. If they did not see the invitation, you can resend it.

To resend an invitation, click the Pending tab.

Click the three dots, then click the Resend Invitation button.

When the staff member accepts the invitation, you will see them in the Active tab.

Put Staff Member On Hold

To put a staff member on hold, click the On Hold button.

Delete a Staff Member

To delete a staff member who is no longer with your Workspace, click the Delete button.

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