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How do I set up my payback account?
How do I set up my payback account?

What do I need to do to get paid from Upflex?

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Our goal is to make the accounting and payment process seamless, efficient and hassle free for you.

Upflex pays you directly every month for the previous month’s usage. You will receive an email copy of your payment summary with details. You can also see the payment details from your space portal.

Upflex uses a tool called Tipalti to transfer the fund to you. The section below will provide you instructions about how to set up Tipalti to receive payments.

First, you need a Tipalti account. Upflex will help you set up the account. Provide Upflex an email address you want to use. Keep in mind, if you have more than one location and each location has its own bank account, then each bank account requires a separate email address to set up its own Tipalti account. You will then need to provide Upflex multiple email addresses to get set up Tipalti.

Once Upflex creates a Tipalti account for you, you will receive an email as below. Please click the invite link to create a password to log in.

After you are logged in, it’s a simple 3 steps to set up and takes 5 minutes, max.

Step 1. Enter Your Address 

If you change your mind and want to use a different email address, simply make the edits here and click “Next” button to proceed to step 2. 

Step 2. Select The Method to Receive Fund

*NOTE: You MUST complete this step to receive payment.*

For US space partners, your options are as follow: 

  1. Direct Deposit / ACH

  2. Wire Transfer

  3. Check

  4. Hold My Payments

For international space partners, your options are:

  1. eCheck / Local Bank Transfer

  2. Wire Transfer

  3. Check

  4. Hold My Payments

Each payment method has its own minimum threshold to trigger the fund transfer and transaction fee. You will receive payment when the amount Upflex owes you exceed the minimum threshold. Otherwise, the payment is on hold in your account.

Direct Deposit/ACH

Minimum Threshold: $5.00

Transaction Fee: $1.00


Minimum Threshold: $5.00

Transaction Fee: $3.00


Minimum Threshold: $5.00

Transaction Fee: $5.00

Wire Transfer 

Minimum Threshold: $30.00

Transaction Fee (US): USD 26.00

Transaction Fee (GBP/EUR): USD 20.00

To avoid the cost of transaction fee, you can choose a higher threshold. 

Click “Edit My Payment Threshold.”

Select the amount from drop down menu. 

Step 3. Tax Form

You can skip the tax form until your payback reaches $600. 

Click Next and you have completed the set up. 

A confirmation message as below will be displayed. 

Anything Else?

Upflex will contact you if something is not correct with your set up. 

A few things to keep in mind. 

  1. Don’t worry if you want to change the email address or company name, or payment method. You have the options to edit at any time. Use this link to log back in and make any edits: 

  2. If the invite link is expired and not working, let Upflex know. We will send you a new one. 

  3. Once you are logged in, you can go to Invoice History to track payments sent to you. 

We are always here to help. Feel free to email [email protected] for assistance or send us a message on our website. 

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