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How do Upflex users book my space?
How do Upflex users book my space?

Where do Upflex bookings come from?

Updated over a week ago

Our users can book your space via:

  • The Upflex app and web platform

  • White-Label partner applications β€” The white-label apps are an extension of the Upflex Services. They utilise the Upflex technology to offer the Upflex product to their own clients.

Don't worry, your profile and inventory is the same on all apps, so you only ever have to make any changes once.

Some users will show up and tell you they booked through Upflex and others through the Colliers Mobility Pass and Newmark Optality but in essence the process is the same!

The bookings via our White Labels will be processed and paid through Upflex and from our spaces we expect that clients through our white label partners are treated the same way as Upflex clients.

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