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For Admins: Creating Department Tags For Your Employees
For Admins: Creating Department Tags For Your Employees

How to create tags to organize your employees by department

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To create a new department when using Upflex, you will need your user role permissions set as Primary Contact within your Upflex account.

To learn what user role you have been assigned, we encourage you to explore these articles:
Exploring User Roles, What is My User Role?

Here is a general outline of how you can create a new department:

Step One: Navigate to People section: This is where you can manage and configure various aspects of your team account, including departments.

Step Two: Under Teams: You’ll be able to assign tags to your company or their perspective teams. These Tags will give you more flexibility when managing your report data.

Step Three: Create a new Department: Once you've accessed the Add Tag feature, you can enter tags and click Add, or select from tags you’ve already created. For example: you can use tags like "Marketing," "Sales," "Operations," "Finance," "Human Resources," "Customer Support," or any other relevant department names. Once you’ve created, Click Save.

By assigning these tags, you can effectively categorize and organize your team!

Do not forget to 'click enter' after creating the name of the tag.

After you have created these tags, you will be able to assign them to existing users or when you invite new users to join your corporate account.


Need more info? You can visit Upflex Help Center or reach out to us. Our awesome Customer Experience Team is here to help!
Contact us via live chat on Intercom available on both the web and Upflex mobile app. We're excited to assist you!

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