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How to Find the Cancellation Policy for a Specific Space
How to Find the Cancellation Policy for a Specific Space

Where can I read the cancelation policy from a specific space?

Updated over a week ago

Cancellation policies vary among spaces, with each having its own rules and guidelines. Prior to booking, review Upflex's Cancelation and Refund Policy to understand any potential fees or restrictions related to modifying or canceling your reservation.

Cancellation Policy Displayed During Space Reservation Process:

1. When booking a space, you'll see the cancellation policy on the space's profile page after selecting your booking details but before making the payment. It's displayed alongside the pricing information for your convenience.

2. Carefully review the booking details and pricing. Look for the cancellation policy provided on the page, which will outline the specific terms and conditions related to cancellations, modifications, and potential fees.


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