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Inventory types and booking processes explained
Inventory types and booking processes explained

What can I offer in my profile?

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As an Upflex Space provider, you can list various types of inventory:

  • Hot Desks - Day passes or hot desks, which can be booked on a daily basis. These desks are typically located in the hot desk area of your coworking space or within your business lounge.

  • Meeting Rooms - This inventory can be booked by the hour or by the day. These rooms can be within a large range of options from traditional small or medium-sized meeting rooms to recording studios and large conference, training, and event spaces.

  • Private Offices - You can also list private office spaces that can be booked by the hour or by the day. These offices are suitable for individuals or teams looking for a more secluded and dedicated workspace.

  • Long-term Offices - Additionally, you have the opportunity to list long-term furnished or unfurnished offices on our platform. These offices cater to businesses seeking extended rental agreements and offer flexibility in terms of their furnishing options.

Booking process explained

Desk bookings - When a user books a hot desk, our system will send the booking confirmation to your team and the booking will be added in your space portal to the dashboard. The confirmation email will include the following information: name and email address of user, inventory type booked, date and time of booking, location & booking reference. You will be responsible to add the booking into your own space management system.

Meeting room and private offices - For these two inventory types our users will have to request the booking first. Once the request is placed, your team will receive an email with the booking request and it will appear on the request tab in the bookings section of your dashboard. Our booking team will reach out within 24 hours to confirm that you can accommodate the user. When you confirm the booking, you are expected to add it into your own system and Upflex will send the final confirmation to the client. When you can't accommodate the request but do have an alternative available, please inform our team.

If you need immediate assistance or need to make an adjustment to a booking, please contact [email protected]

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