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I have a disruptive Upflex user in my space, what can I do?
I have a disruptive Upflex user in my space, what can I do?

How to escalate an issue with an Upflex user that is visiting your space.

Updated over a week ago

Here at Upflex we have implemented a clear set of behavioral rules via our Code of Conduct to ensure the respectful treatment of our valued space partners:

All guests must abide by the Code of Conduct:

  • Be respectful: Respect the workspace rules and others in the space

  • Clean up after yourself: Shared spaces need everyone to be responsible for themselves and pitch in to clean up any mess they have contributed during their visit

  • Kindness is cool: Treat the onsite staff and members with kindness, and you will find that it is reciprocated!

  • The space is for working: Workspaces are a great place to meet people and exchange ideas - try not to be a distraction

Though we always encourage these behaviors we sometimes encounter individuals who do not embody these values, which is something we take very seriously. If you location staff or member encounter any type of issue or unfavorable behavior from an Upflex user please reach out to your allocated account manager or contact us directly at [email protected] and our team will work with you to resolve the issue or take the necessary measures to ensure an incident does not happen again.

We very much value our space partners and will continue to work closely with you to provide a great experience that is mutually beneficial to our partnership and customers.

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