Making a Booking with Slack

Here you will learn to make an Upflex booking and share with your colleagues all within the Slack app.

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Step One: Once you have connected your Upflex account with Slack, you can enter the /upflex command to begin searching for a space:

Step Two: Enter your search criteria to find Desks, Meeting Rooms and Private Offices that fit your workday requirements:

Step Three: Once you have found a space that fits your needs book it directly or make a request:

Step Four: Your confirmation will appear within Slack! If you choose to cancel or modify your booking you can do so directly from the point of confirmation:

You're all set! Go on and enjoy your booking!

Pro Tip: Don't forget to share the space profile with colleagues in a Slack Channel! Scroll down and click "Share to" and select and individual or channel within your organization.

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