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Making a Booking with Google Calendar
Making a Booking with Google Calendar

Here you will learn how to make a booking with the Upflex Add-on directly within Google Calendar.

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Step One: Open the Upflex icon in your Google Calendar Add-ons sidebar and begin entering your search criteria; Location, Date & Time, Space Type.... then click, "Search Spaces".

Step Two: The side bar will then populate with various available options that you can select and review. Click into the displayed locations to review their descriptions and amenities:

Step Three: Once you have reviewed the space, depending on the Space Type you have selected, click "Book" or "Request" to complete your submission.

Step Four: Your request will be received and automatically added to your Google Calendar, where you are welcome to invite guests or share your booking. You can also modify and cancel directly from your calendar.

That's it! You're all set for your booking!

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