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Booking a Desk on Behalf of Someone Else
Booking a Desk on Behalf of Someone Else

How can I book on behalf of someone else?

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To book on behalf of someone else your role must be set as a Manager or a Primary Contact (Admin). All other users will not be able to carry out this function unless they are assigned permissions by their team admin. This capability is currently only available when using the web version.

To learn which is your role, we invite you to read these articles:
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Using the Web | Booking a Desk on Behalf of Someone Else

Once you've logged in, follow these steps:

Step One: Select the Desk that you would like to book, add the date and time of your booking and click 'Book'.
Step Two: A new window will pop-upon your screen, Go to 'Reservation For' and click on 'Edit'.

Step Three:

  • If the person you are booking for is a Team Member, search for them by entering their name or email.

  • If this person is a Guest, click 'Guest', then add their details by entering their first name, last name and email.

Step Four: Once you have added the guest, finalize the booking by clicking 'Book Desk' and an email confirmation will be sent to the person you booked for.

*Important to note: The Team Member or Guest will receive the confirmation email, not you.


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Contact us via live chat on Intercom via our website or the Upflex mobile app.

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